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Gynaecological Surgery

Our specialist gynaecologists; Dr Ward, Dr McCuaig and Dr Rylance at Mandurah Gynaecology Specialists provide personalised women-centred private care with interests including Gynaecological Surgery



Minimally Invasive Laparoscopy


Endometriosis is when endometrial-like tissue grows on other pelvic organs causing pelvic pain. We offer investigation and diagnosis of endometriosis, and treatment options including: - surgical excision - hormonal management

Gynaecological Surgery

Key-hole surgery for investigation and treatment range of gynaecological conditions. All of our Gynaecologists will clearly discuss your management plan and provide written information on your surgical procedure.


Vaginal, laparoscopy (key-hole) and abdominal (open) surgery.

Uterine and Cervical Polypectomy

Safe removal of Uterine and Cervical polyps


Management of fibroids; hysteroscopic and abdominal myomectomy


Treatment of pre-cancerous changes on cervix (LLETZ, cone biopsy) Treatment of benign cervix conditions (ectropian, polyp)


Contraception management; including insertion and removal of: - Mirena - Kyleena - Copper IUD Insertion and removal of Implanon. Permanent contraception with tubal ligation or complete tubal removal. We will discuss full range of contraceptives and help you decide the best option for your individual needs. *Mandurah Gynaecology Specialists do not offer private Obstetric care. Limited early pregnancy care may be provided. We recommend the Antenatal Clinic at Peel Health Campus. Please contact 9531 8000 for further information.
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